LIZARDS is a rock band formed in Sacramento, California in about 1990. Lizard music is fast, raucous, and sometimes tuneful. OK, I'm gonna say it, LIZARDS is a Punk Rock outfit, but good natured. The initial line up was Dave Downey, Donnie Jupiter (my stage name), and Hal McLean. After a while Chris Woodhouse joined the band on bass, and I started playing rhythm guitar. After Chris had had enough, Jay Onyskin took over on bass. I left the band in about 1995, I just don't like staying out late. Everybody in the lizards has contributed songs and croacked out vocals on our records- everybody except for Chris, who was sort of slumming by playing with us, but his great bass playing sure added something. Lizards are still going strong, and even went on tour in Japan in 1997! In the future, they may even show up in your town.

The Lizards, Hal, Dave & Donnie, intellectuals all,indulge their love for literature.



Here, to the best of my recollection, is is a discography of the recordings released by LIZARDS while I was in the group. LIZARDS have also released a sizable clutch of recordings since I left the band,

LP; (split with Nar) Nar and Lizards (Very Small Records, 1992), He's Crunchy; God Save The Goats, Pigs, Chickens, & Flies; Drippy The Fly; Judy Is A Punk; Beuroponics; Heat wave; Love Soup; Your Cheatin' Heart; Blue Noses; Good Eats; Terd Theme; Eddie; GATORFLAP!

LP compilation; Very Small World (Very Small Record, 1993 ?), Shemp

LP compilation; Wood Panel Pacer Wagon With Mags (compilation) (Too Many Records TM76, 1995 ?), I'm A Tyrant

LP compilation; Songs About Drinking (Very Small Records, 1995), Drunken Brawl

LP compilation; Twenty Bands Trash Twenty Songs (Bun Length, etc., 1995 ?), Sesame Street Theme

7" EP compilation; QWERTYUIOP (Very Small Records) I'm A Monster

7" EP split with Elmer; (TURGID RECORDS, 003, 1994), Cant Cope,Unglued, Bad Moon Rising

7" EP; UH OH CHONGO!; (Too Many Records, 1995), Chongo!, You Bug Me, Car Crash Betty, House of Shame, Food Poisoning

CD Compilation; CAN OF PORK (Look Out #44, 1993 ?), A Promise Is A Promise

SPAZMATIC. 32 song CD retrospective spanning Lizard's whole incredible career. Verysmall Records VSR 82, 1999.


 SPAZMATIC cover showing actual, unretouched photo of Lizards current line up, Dave, Jay & Hal.

Contact Lizards at and or

Lizards World Wide Fan Club: 2534 Watt Ave.,Sacramento, CA 95821

If you want to hear a sample of LIZARD music, click on the icon below for part of UNGLUED. This is a wave file, it's 730K and may take a while to down load.



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